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Road Trip to Sighisoara, Part 3

VWforum SighisoaraWell here is part three of the road trip :)
Saturday was photo day! I have shot several hundred pics :) I had a total of almost 800 photos made from friday to sunday, where friday I didn’t take so many and sunday even less, so almost all photos where made on saturday. The first part of the day, coffee, food, sight seeing. I can only repeat, Sighișoara is a GREAT place! I will be going there again, this is sure!
  The second part was meeting with the guys from VWforum this was a bit short, but still it was interesting :)
After this, it was once again time for sight seeing and photos. Well here I think is best I will let the pictures talk :) the link to the pictures will be at the bottom of this blog. [![Sighisoara, bridge][5]][5] people So now to sunday, the next adventure day. After so much bad luck on the way to Sighișoara, could it get worse? Yes it could …. We arrived quite fast to Mediaș and I was already starting to think that we will arrive fast to Timișoara but then I saw Vlady pull over and a black liquid tail behind his car, his oil-sump had a hole after he drove after a big rock. So what could we do? First of all get to a city since in the village where we stopped nobody could really help. I towed Vlady until Sibiu (about 40 km) but since it was Sunday, and the chance that somebody could fix this fast, even if we would find someone, where quite low. So we decided to tow him until Timișoara (about 300km). But with my car being automatic, it was better that Foka took over the towing. A very big THANK YOU at this point! That was really a big help! But please remind me when something like this happens to me that that I will not let myself towed from you, at least not in romania.
  [![Vlady si MrFoka][8]][8]SuperFoka :) As wee went towards Lugoj, I couldn’t keep up with Foka and Vlady since I was trying to not hit some road hole again, we took this road since it was 50km shorter. But if you are not towed … take the way over Arad! So I will end here my third and last part of the road trip blog.

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