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Road Trip to Sighisoara, Part 2

here we go with part 2 of the great adventure.
Finally arrived in Sighisoara, tired, starving, even more tired … we checked in at “Casa Legena” which will be also discussed in a separate blog! This was the next adventure (this was a hell of a weekend!) but first before I continue … time for a new beer.
so where was I … yes, Sighisoara, finally there. Our first way after opening the room (I didn’t even take my baggage out of the car) was directly to the restaurant. The restaurant where Vlad Tepes (Dracula) was born, well it was probably not a restaurant by that time. IMG_5097.JPG I can tell you the food there was so good that I get hungry every time I even think of it. Since Razvan didn’t have much time to try all foods, he ordered three meals so he can try different things. Oh and let’s not forget that it was Papulos his birthday! Cheers mate! Happy birthday and a loooong life :) [![IMG_4501.JPG][6]][6][![IMG_4500.JPG][7]][7]  Our first impression about Sighisoara, GREAT! I think everybody that was with me will confirm this. I have never seen or could think about such a place in Romania, not that Romania can’t offer anything but usually everybody thinks he is the boss, as tourist you get a bad service high prices and everybody tries to fool you somehow. Well we did have a “little” problem with “Casa Legenda” but this, as I have already mentioned, will be a separate blog. Anyway, great food, acceptable prices, nice people, nice souvenirs you can get and a very very beautiful place, if you want to see something about the history of romania, you should start here!
After a very good meal, it was time for some sight seeing at night. Rilu managed do drop his mobile from quite some height, but … believe it or not, it’s still working, Nokia quality :)   IMG_4554.JPG
After the short walk, some photos and a good cigar … it was time for some party … but we where all so tired that we didn’t manage to drink even a quarter of the Jim Beam bottle. I didn’t even manage to finish one beer! I think the only time I was so tired was about 10 years ago as I walked with a friend about 17km from a small city back to my grandmothers village since there was nobody willing to stop at 3am to pic up some crazy teenagers … oh well … this is a long time ago … time to return back to the present :)
ok this should be enough of part 2
To be continued in Part 3 !