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Road Trip to Sighisoara, Part 1

As some might know, last weekend I and some friends went to Sighisoara to a VW event organized by but it was not only the fact that there was a VW event that made me drive this far, it was the magic of Sighisoara I noticed on some photos that made me do this little trip.
But as life really can suck some time, the weekend was not without problems. So where do I start, lets begin with thursday, my plan was to leave at 15:30 but Razvan was of course late, as we left finally at about 16:00 there was traffic, because of an accident, or rather because of the people stopping to look at the accident (someone please shoot the people doing this).
Well the next traffic problem was near Budapest, where the road was under construction so the next delay … Finally at about 00:00 I think we arrived in Timisoara after a beer and some talks about when we will leave on friday I finally got some sleep, not much but … I can sleep when I’m dead :)
… well this friday will be a day hat many of us will remember, if it was friday the 13th I could also understand the problems we had, although I’m not superstitious and don’t believe in this.
[![IMG_4442.JPG][4]][4] Well with a short delay we left Timisoara at about 12:00 as far as I can remember, it took as us 45 min to get out of the city due to heavy traffic and headed towards Arad, it’s 50km longer but the road is MUUUCH better then over Lugoj! Believe me!
We didn’t get all to far, shortly before Deva I hit some lind of road hole and my alloy wheel broke in two pieces. [![IMG_4453.JPG][5]][5]IMG_4474.JPG I won’t comment this further this topic will be a own blog :)
After I managed to pull the car back on my side of the road (thank god there was nobody on the other side) and stop we started to get all we need to change the wheel, my spare tire was in Vlady his car since I don’t have any space for it due to my airride suspension. So we had everything and wanted to start to open the wheels, but stop! I have some different bolts (they look better) so you won’t open them with a normal key. But as I was prepared for the worst (well at least I thought I was) I pulled out my adapter that is used to open the bolts. But unfortunately the adapter was for a 21 key and I had only the original 17 or 19 I think so I was kind of screwed! So the best solution was that Vlady drives to the next vilage/city and tries to find some 21 key so we can open it and we try to stop someone to ask if they have a key. Well Vlady didn’t even manage to get in the car and we stopped someone, that was from a car service, and had all we need on board! Great!
It didn’t take long to change the wheel and we could continue our journey, but then I would have no spare wheel if this happens again and since I didn’t want to risk to spent my time somewhere in the mountains or on the road without a spare tire, we decided to look at some junk yards if they have a wheel for sale. Well this costed us most of the time, we lost about 2 hours here in Deva looking for a matching key so I could open it in case I had to and last but not least, find a spare tire. We looked at a junk yard and a kind of mixture between junk yard and wheel shop but both with no luck. But a employee of that “shop” called his brother, which had somewhere in his garden a fitting wheel!
Great, the day is saved. So of we went to get that wheel, for only 400.000 Lei (about 10 Euro). But then there was the next problem, it was unsure if the tire is still ok or if it was leaking air, so back to the “shop” to get it of the wheel, put some vaseline on it inflate it and check if it’s leaking air. Well this took quite some time till someone moved his ass to solve this small little task.
As Rilu said, the employees where behaving as if they where all some VIPs. One was boss of the city, one was boss of the state and one was the boss of Romania, at least this is what they acted like.
Anyway, after a lot of wasted time we managed to arrive to Sighisoara, tired and starving. 380km in 8 hours, that is not really a good time. Well the bad luck wasn’t over, on the way to Sighisoara, actually before even reaching Deva, Razvan got a call that his grandfather died, and his father was on the way from Vienna to pic him up from Sighisoara.


to be continued in part 2