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No DVD Shrink for Mac? Think Again !

Thanks to the briliant crossover office, runing Windows application on a mac is no problem. One might say “wait, there is Paralelles and VMware” but … what do they cost, compared to crossover office? and … dvd shrink does NOT work with Paralleles, at least not “out of the box” and why wait till you start a virtual machine to rip a DVD ?
So move your but to the crossover office store and get yourself a licesnsed copy of Crossover Office, you won’t regret :)
I have first tested DVD Shrink 3.1 which after 50% crashed with “not enough memory” well 1.5 gb of RAM should be enough for something like DVD Shrink. But I must addmit I had quite a lot running and my iMac got quite slow during the process.
After installing DVD Shrink 3.2 and quittung some application ( firefox, camino, gallery remote, adium, mail, itunes, sofa control and some others ) DVD Shrink worked like a charm, fast, no crash and best of all, it could create a “backup” from an image I had on my HD. :)