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We Won’t Live for Ever

We all know that, but I think nobody ever thinks about what will be when the end comes.
The end of a life somebody close to you, or even your own life.
I have been trough this more times then I wished (not that I wished to make any of these experiences ever).
But then this things make you think … how fast time has passed, how suddenly bad things can happen. Yesterday you talked with a person and the next day it’s a matter of life and death and all you can do is just sit around and wait, not knowing what you will hear when the pone rings or the doctor comes to you.
Some say “Time heal all wounds” but as someone who has made this experience I can say this is not true. You will never forget! There will always be some photos, some words, some memories that will remind you and will remind you of the pain.
Especially if it’s someone young, very young. I mean, I can say hey, my grandfather was 85! He has had bad times in life and good times in life, but he has lived his life.
But what can I say about my little cousin that was 9? … the list can be continued, but I won’t.
Before I get any stupid questions, no noting happened in my family, but in the family of someone close to me. I won’t go in to further details. This just brought up some of my personal memories, some of my wounds that haven’t been healed by time, even after almost 20 years.
And no I do not want to talk about it, so no questions please.