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Dear Sir Bill Gates: Invoice Enclosed

Oh I love this one. Just received this from Moga, an article on TheRegister. I think my colleagues know just too good how it feels to come back from a meeting and find a rebooted PC and all you work is gone. I must say I was lucky until now since I was always in front of the pc as windows wanted to reboot and game me some time to hit a cancel button. This reminds me of a other story. Imagine writing a 300 Pages doc. With the “oh so powerful and much better then OpenOffice” Winword. You save the document and the next day you want to open it and print it, but no no … Winword has other plans, it simply crashes. This happened to my colleague. Thank good I had an older version of OpenOffice installed, I opened the “corrupt” winword .doc file without a problem, saved it again as .doc file for winword (which then had only 1MB instead of 3) and the file could be opened again in winword, without any problem and nothing was missing. Just some tables looked strange, but that was fixed much faster then writing 300 pages from 0.