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Some Facts About Romania

What’s with all these blogs about Romania ? No clue, but I just find some of the videos I saw quite interesting.
The first one is about some facts of Romania what has been invented by romanians and I must admit I was quite surprised, didn’t know some of the things myself.
So this blog I will not be criticizing Romania as usual, I think some might have noticed that since quite a while I am criticizing Romania quite a lot and some also might know what this started from, but … I said I won’t criticize in this blog.
Ok here the video about the interesting facts ( in english!! )
ok and the second one is about tourism again but this commercial, I must admit, is very very good (I hope this one is NOT copied)
I like the idea, this one brings the patriot in me back, at least for some minutes.
so here we go, here is the next movie thanks for this one, this kind of makes me see things brighter again, and forget about some other things.