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Ok this blog is a bit late, but since I was sick I wasn’t really in the mood for writing blogs. Last weekend, I didn’t want to stay in vienna again, I wanted to go somewhere, but since I’m fed up of romania I wanted something else. There are only a few reasons left for me to go to romania, the few friends that have remained friends, my grandmother and of corse Claudia :) which was upset of my decision to go to Madrid instead of Romania, I hope she has forgiven me now :D
So lets get back to Madrid, … so I decided to leave to Madrid over the long weekend (Tuesday was public holiday). The plane landed at about 23:30 in Madrid, I took a taxi and went of to the hotel, High Tech Hotel Clipper. Some short notes about the hotel, small but clean and nice rooms, clean bathroom with shower, what do you need more when you are sightseeing? A Internet connection? They have it and guess what? It’s fast and free!
So on Saturday my big Marathon through Madrid started, I left the hotel at about 11:00 and started walking on Gran Via. At that time it was not to hot outside and I thought that it’s not so hot as I expected. This has changed at about 14:00 … walking in the sun was a suicide mission but in the shadow it was quite ok and the light wind also brought some extra cooling.
[![IMG_4018.jpg][6]][6] On my aprox. 13km walk (I measured in the map!) I came across a lot of interesting things. I was surprised to see so many homeless people sleeping on the street. As I expected I heard a lot of romanian people :) we are everywhere. ok enough of writing, I’m not as inspired as I thought, if I wouldn’t have got sick I would have written some blogs from the hotel in the evening. Anyway it was a nice trip, a very interesting and nice city and I will have to go again one day :) the next time with claudia :)