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Is the EU Prepared for Romania ?

I was reading my favorite comic, userfriendly and there was something about youtube … so I was kind of bored and searched the term: Romania on youtube.
The first thing I found was some commercial for tourism, oh my good … that commercial is almost a 1:1 copy of the Turkish commercial, so I would say … do your own thing next time. The next thing was something about a taxi driver, that had a fake taxi and was requesting exaggerated prices from passenger, I love the typical Romanian reaction as he notices the passenger doesn’t have money to pay and his excuses as he was confronted with the camera! Great!

Reporter: What phone number ist that on the sticker?
Taxi: That’s no phone number, I just put the sticker as sun protection, it’s my car, and I can stick what ever I want on it, I like these numbers on my car. Money mouth

check out the movie here