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Free TV Not Free Anymore?

RTL and MTV are planing to transmit encoded from 2007, actually they have already signed a contract with Astra. Pro7 and Sat1 are also planing to encode.
This won’t affect only MTV and RTL, also everything that belongs to it, this would be:
RTL, Vox, RTL II, Super RTL, n-tv, RTL Shop, Traumpartner TV, MTV, VIVA, NICK and Comedy Central!
The monthly fee should not exceed 3,50 Euro and the receiver needed for decoding shouldn’t exceed 100 Euro, this is what the article says in “derStandard

Ok now let me think about this one moment …
MTV bombs the viewers with handy ring-tones commercials, the other channels with stupid game shows at night AND after all this … they also want us to PAY for it ?
ehmm… my message to mtv and rtl is a short but loud “FUCK YOU” !
I didn’t turn on MTV for quite a long while, I have got my iTunes and Podcasts, or I can just turn on some real quality Music TV Channels like, Go TV or Deluxe Music, so MTV, PLEASE encode your ring-tone commercials, I won’t miss them.