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Bad Memory, Part II

This one is kind of funny …
Yesterday I decided to drive a bit with the golf so the dust can be washed of by the rain :) so I took the license plates of the Passat and put them on my golf on of I went (in Austria you can have 3 cars with the same license plate). Today I decided to drive with the Passat again, nothing unusual.
I almost reached my destination, as a police car turned around the corner and the driver of the police car looked at my car and had a strange look on his face. I could feel like they want to stop me and I was proven right, I saw in the rear mirror how they turned and followed me and pulled me over. Once the policeman approached my car I instantly knew why they stopped me. Stupid me forgot to put the license plates back on the Passat, I almost crossed Vienna without license plates on the car :)
The policeman started t laugh after he checked the papers, at least I didn’t get a ticket for this. On my way back home to pick up my license plates I started to find this amusing :)