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The Power of Music

Music has a special power, at least for me it has. There are some songs, that put you in a state of meditation, where you start thinking of all kind of things. There is also this special power of older songs, songs you have associated with some period of time, not necessary that the song was actually from that period but somehow it brings up memories from that period of time.
No mater how stupid the song is, you will like it if it reminds you of something. Let’s take for instance Culture Beat, now these are songs that are kind of stupid, but hey, it reminds me of when I was a kid, school time, vacations in Romania at the country … and things like that.
Times where things seemed to be better, I don’t really think that things where better but not necessarily worse, but one always kind of remembers the good things. But there still is a kind of feeling “if I could turn back time” not necessarily changing something, just to live a moment, you have in memory, once again.
Things change as time passes and so do people, but music stays the same and so do the memories you have and music is that little thing that manages to bring that up again.
Music can change so much, just imagine how a horror movie would be without the right music? Imagine some children song to a horror scene … would you be afraid ? But put some frightening music to a trick film, what would you feel then?
ok enough about this, iTunes just switched the music to drum ‘n bass and this isn’t necessarily the right music for memories, although I must say that there is some part of my life associated with dnb, hardcore, gaba, electro and some other varieties of techno.