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Cool Down …

IMG_3923.jpgIt’s way to hot!
Quite a long time ago since we had such a hot summer, I think the last one was in 2003! Anyway … what can you do on such a hot day … go for a swim and lay in the sun. I’m not really a fan of laying in the sun but if there is a pool, than it’s ok for me :) My sister had the idea to go to the new “Badeschiff” (Bath ship or something like this). It’s a ship on the danube which has been transformed to a pool and there is also a second part where you can lay in the sun and also have a bar.
Well all this sounds to good to be true for Vienna and I must admit I would not go a second time. The pool is ok, but everything else is so packed full, you feel like anchovies in the can, that’s not mine, but one could also sit at the bar, there at least you have shadow and don’t get a mad headache like I did.
Well it’s worth visiting ;)