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Got Time?

This was once again one of these days … it starts as a “oh, today I have nothing to do and a lot of free time” day end ends up as a day full of stress.
It started with some kind of brunch at my parents, but with so much food that it was rather some kind of mix up between breakfast, lunch and supper … it then transforms to a usual chat session with my parents which can last some time.
In the meanwhile my cousin from Paris calls, he is on his way to us so, new plan for the evening, not that I had any plan for the whole day except lunch a hang lazy around at home, but it looked like I could forget the lazy part.
So, me with no plan for the day, my sister with the same plan, why not go in the city for an ice cream? Good idea, but as I asked for the bill, stupid me noticed that I forgot my wallet … thanks god only in the car and not home. so, back to the car to get the wallet and I must say, the car wasn’t that close … for someone that loves sport like I do :)
Ok then the day continued with a photo edit session of Papulos his wedding photos ( which can be found here ) in the meanwhile I kind of had to explain my cousin how to get here, his GPS didn’t have the details of vienna, so I had to do my best to tell him the way trough vienna. My desire told me of a problem in her blog, which I don’t understand … well I understand the problem but not the cause … this is kind of bugging me since I know about it, I usually hate things that can’t be solved within minutes and as if this wasn’t enough of things that are not working (including my memory) I got an message that new user registration doesn’t work on, a quick check showed that there realy is a problem, but I have no time to fix it because in the meanwhile 3 hours have passed working on those bloody photos, ok so I hit the upload button, took my sister and of we went back to my parents.
Meanwhile cousin was almost in vienna (130 km to go) so there wasn’t much time, and because I was afraid they will get lost, I told them how to get to a point that they can’t miss, the Mc Donald’s from Favoriten, the only bad thing about this is that it’s almost 20km from my parents.
So one at my parents I managed to write a short note on VWclub about the problem and got a call that they only have 25km to go to Favoriten, so once again I jump in the car, and of I go to Favoriten.
Don’t know if I was so fast there or they had more then 20km since I had to wait quite a while, not that I was in a hurry, I could just hang around being lazy in the car.
Once arrived, back again to my parrents, more food, more chat, a beer etc.
And guess what? I noticed that this time I left my wallet at home after working on Papulos his wedding photos, so I had no money and not a single document with me, good that I didn’t get in any police control. Well after a extended chat session between relatives and photo showing I managed to get back home and … not that I wouldn’t be tired, nooo not me … what do I do instead of sleeping, writing a blog.
Well in short, I have done over 200km today and spent over 3 hours in the car ( according to the board computer ) excluding the time I waited for my cousin at Mc Donald’s.
And the worst thing is, I can’t even sleep longer as usual because I have an appointment at work at 9 … so to get back to the title of this blog, got time? I am willing to buy a lot of it!
so and now …. good night!