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Bush Has Left … Finaly

hurray mister “I-am-as-stupid-as-amonkey-but-leader-of-the-us” has left Austria, but not without leting the people know and feel that mister “I-am…” you know the rest …, is on the way.
The complete city was packed, the freeway A4 and S1 where full because mister monkeyface went to the airport. Oh here a short message, not that I think that anyone would ever read this, to mister monkeyface ( yes, Bush ! ) but since the english language doesn’t have the words I need to express my self … I will write my message in romanian.

Fututi gura mati de handicapat, pt un cacat ca tine trebe sa stau in aglomeratie? Manca-mi-ai Pula de tampit si prost ce esti! Sper sa mori in chinuri si sa te duci dracului….

hmmm somehow I was a bit more inspired yesterday … whish I could reocrd my mind … while I was on my way home yesterday.