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Who’s Fault Is It?

I love situations like this.
Last year in Juli I ordered a Airride Suspesion kit from EC-Parts in Berlin and told them that I leave Berlin at the end of August. Gues what happened … the kit didn’t arive, of corse it was not theyr fault, it was the vendor that didn’t deliver the parts ( Bullokstyle ) but since I went to Stuttgart and Bullokstyle was in aceptable distance from Stuttgart I decided to let them built it in.
Since the first day the suspension was mounted, the rear valves have a problem. When I come in the morning to the car, or after a longer standing, the rear is quite up in the air, rather like a Jeep then a tuned car.
Since I don’t realy have the time to change the valves myself I decided to wait with it until I’m in Berlin again and let EC-Parts do it. Well now I’m in Berlin since 2 Months, this is my last week, actualy my last 2 days and nothing happened until now.
Every week there was something new, “no time”, “bullock style didn’t call back” ….
ok I finaly got an apointment for Thursday ( today ) and I went on tuesday to EC-Parts to check if they can reach the valves or if I have to get my music out and offered them if I should leave the car there and they could start whenever they want.
“oh no, I’m not sure if the parts are here, I will call you as soon as I know if the parts are here” well … no call, today is thursday so I called to ask if they forgot about me.
“Oh it’s not our business anymore, you talked with the service, this is actualy a separate company, I done my job ordering the parts and the parts are here since monday” oh greaaat!
NOW this is customer suport! thank you very much! ok anyway I hope they will finish it by tomorrow or else I will be quite angry, not that I’m not already ….