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The Incredible Stupidity of T-Com

Once again I had to talk on the phone with one of my favourite German company, the big, bad Magenta coloured T-Com. I had to pay a bill, but since I have a Austrian bank account I need IBAN and SWIFT/BIC for the transaction but they wrote only the IBAN on that bill, now this is the first real stupid thing! So what should I do … call T-Com, the ones responsible for bills, so I assumed they have at least a clue about banking.

Me: “Hello”
TC: “Hello”
Me: “I would need the SWIFT Code so I can pay the bill”
TC: “what’s that?”
Me: “For a bank transaction outside of Germany I need IBAN and SWIFT, I got the IBAN but the swift, also called BIC Code, is missing”
TC: “I think you are wrong here, you have to call T-Online”
Me: “No, I called the number that’s on the bill”
TC: “ehhhm… one moment please”
yes … she hung up!

ok I’m used to this so I called again, got someone else on the phone. the usual Hi, bla bla .. this time, she first wanted my customer number and then my address to verify. haeh??? ok then back to my problem.
Me: “I need the SWIFT Code ….”
TC: “You don’t get that from us, you get that from your bank”
Me: “What? I’m talking about IBAN and SWIFT or BIC, I know them for my bank, but I have to pay YOU money so I need YOUR SWIFT not mine”
TC: “No they don’t have that, I have to ask my bank”
Me: “Oh this is getting to stupid, you are all so unbelievable stupid, you can all kiss my ass”
this time I hung up