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RTFM! Posibly Before Installing Something

I should know it better, especially that this isn’t the first time it happens. I installed once again after a long time nagios on my server so I have something that keeps an eye on the server. Anyway … I installed nagios-mysql ( as I did the last time ) but it looks like the database has to be created before installing, or … who knows, I still didn’t RTFM Innocent well the result was that the 5 min. nagios was running I dumped about 2 gigs of syslog messages that where saved in the syslog, message, users AND the nagios.log … I had over 8 Gigs of logs, good performance test for syslog-ng by the way. Anyway now I finally cleaned up everything, as .gz the file isn’t that big at all :) only 8.5 MB, OK now that logrotate is finished I should get back to my server.