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Racism and Apartheid

[![incredible apartheid sign][2]][2] Once again on Phoenix ( German TV channel ) it’s time for history. “The past 100 Years”, I already seen this once and from the most things told there I have already heard. But there was one thing that shocked me, I was shocked last year as I saw this and I was still shocked as I saw this today. It’s about the apartheid in South Africa. I can’t imagine how stupid we humans are. Racism is and will always be the worst thing on this world. I always thought that something like this is against the law everywhere but that the apartheid was still present till 1993 sounds so unbelievable to me. 1993 can you imagine this? Can you image signs that show “For members of the white race group only” ? I would be ashamed to live in such a country where somebody hasn’t got the same rights that I do just because of religion or race … This blog could be continued to a very long roman I think, but for everyone that is interested in this subject I can only recommend theSoweto Riots wikipedia article bout this .

I can only hope something like this will never never happen again, I can only hope that we humans start learning from our past and from our mistakes but as history shows us, we are to stupid for something like this and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.