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The East Side Gallery

IMG_9197.jpgyesterday I saw the east side gallery, a 1.3km “piece” of the Wall that once divided a city in two countrys. It’s a piece of history that you have to see when you come to Berlin. What a pitty that stupid sprayers have to destroy this important piece of history. No mater if grafitty is art or not, this is the wrong place for it. One might say that this piece of history should be kept so that our children will see and learn from our mistakes, but as history shows we will never learn from the past, history is always repeating, but this should be material for a other blog, some day when I am realy bored, drunk and liste to the right music I will write that blog :)

[![IMG_9203.jpg][4]][4]Now back to the east side gallery … for some it’s just art on the Berlin wall, but if you have lived in the east of Berlin or in some other comunist regieme you will see the pictures from a other point of view.
But I think this could also be material for a even longer blog when I am even drunker :)