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Thanks Billy for Protecting Us From Viruses

Oh isn’t this great! This is a old “feature” from outlook but today it once again pissed me off!
Since there are so many stupid users that click on everything they get via email, what does Microsoft do? They add a bug ( called feature at Microsoft ) so that “potential dangerous” file are hidden in outlook and you can’t open them.
So I had to sent such a baaaad file with a .cer extension ( certificate ) which actulay was just a simple text file with some rows of text in it ( a public key ) but hey … this could be such a bad virus so thanks Outlook for protecting me from virus, or rather from blocking me doing my work. But why complain? M$ is sooo much beter and M$ is sooo much cheaper then Linux and open source! yes yes .. the M$ financed study shows it black on white! Linux and OS and GPL is baaad!

Billy & Co ( especialy Steve Balmer ) I wish you die of a real painful death !