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Once Again in Berlin

Here I am again, once again in Berlin, but this time I also have some minutes to write a blog and I also made some first fotos

and guess what! I also have internet and this already in the first week unbeleavable! T-Com was quite fast making the conection and the DSL itself I got from Manitu where I don’t have to make a one year contract.
Well looks like winter is still present in Berlin, and I think I’m the only one around already with somer tires on the car, but hey …. no risk no fun :)
[ ![snow … lots of snow][5]][5]

One of the best things here in Berlin sure is Dunkin Donuts, god I love their doughnuts, they make adictive and I think desire also got stuck on them :)
This morning the first thing she sayd was “doughnuts”
I think I am already starting to mutate to Homer Simpson, only the duff beer is missing, but I thing “Heffe Wizen” will also do the trick.
ok but now enought about doughnuts, I am already starting to feal the need of them.
Lets get back to the nice city Berlin, got some nice shots at night from a litle bridge over the Spree near our apartment and also some nightshots from Potsdammer Platz.
Yesterday we also made a short trip to Checkpoint Charlie, and eneterd the “Mauer Museum” ( museum of the wall ), I tell you the place it much bigger then it looks like, so don’t get scared about the 9,50 € entrance. The bad news is that fotos where not allowed, so got no fotos from Mauer Museum.
After a big coffe we went of to the Siegessäule and that was about it for the first sightseeing day.
Now it’s time for some food and then doughnuts :)