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Yes, She Did It Again …

My sister broke her Windows once again! Don’t know if this time she realy did something wrong or if just the windows paches screwed things up.
Anyway the behaivoir of the pc was that the explorer was crashing all the time, I don’t mean the Internet Explorer, I mean the normal stupid explorer. So couldn’t do anysthing with the PC. No network options could be changed, no Controlpanel no nothing ! always just a crash.
Since I had an idea that some windows updates could be the problem I wanted to deinstal them, but how without controlpanel ?
After a fast search over the internet (thank good the internet knows everything!) I found something how I could call just the Software controlpanel so I hoped it didn’t crash also while executing. Well I tried this little command
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL appwiz.cpl
and was very happy to receive a software controlpannel where I could deinstall the last 4 patches and rebootet the pc, and everything was back to normal again.
Thanks to this neat site that helped me: