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My Mac Mini

Apple has always been for me the nice shiny thing that costs much more the a normal PC and doesn’t offer you the same software as it does on a pc.
But then one day the mac mini apeared, it was smal, and at a good price and looking at the data, usb, firewire, WiFi, bluetooth, lan, modem, and a cd/dvd-writer that also suport double layer dvd …

mac minithat was motivation enough to give apple a try, and since it’s not that expensive as a G5 it was the risk worth to try it and if I didn’t like I wouldn’t have lost so much money, but that was not the case.
After truning this little mac on and giving it a first try I was more then surprised, it’s the kind of feeling that you have wasted years with something you didn’t like and now you found what you have been looking for ages.
The interface is great and all it’s nice features, the mac mini is so silent that I can leave it in my sleeping room without bothering me, it boots fast and the working speed is ok as long as I don’t have iPhoto open with over 10.000 Fotos.
The software package that comes with Mac OSX is great, you have iPhoto for all your fotos and with a little plugin you can use iPhoto with Gallery2. iDVD is also great for creating dvd menu’s and slide shows of your fotos. So I could create a DVD of my holiday for everyone with all fotos and a nice menu for the ones that don’s realy know or want to look at the pc at the fotos.
Well I can say I love this little mac mini, this is way the best thing I could buy except of my Canon EOS 350D :)
Now I am looking forward to the MacBook Pro with the Intel Core Duo processor in February and then I will get rid of my Acer notebook.