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Visiting Moga

What can I do on a boring weekend in Stuttgart, it’s cold and I have no Internet so why not visit my old friend moga
So I took a train and of I went in direction Schramberg …
first with train and then by bus since the little vilage Schramberg doesn’t have a own train station.
After over 2 hours I arived in Schramberg and then it was time for some fitnes training, I think these where the hardest 700m I ever walked.
So here we are in front of the PC 2 days long, this is also a way to let time pass by faster.
After a lot of beer, coffe we produced something more or less usefull, fixed some bugs in the webmail, made a new homepage, modified existing homepages, and scared people on the internet with our tired faces.
Cris moga

After some hours of sitting in front of the PC and walking that killer hill up to moga’s house it was time for some sleep
The Foto of Moga sleeping has been cesonred, this is what happens when you let your PC signed on while you sleep.