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The German “Helpfulness”

I had to remove the subs and amps from the trunc of my car and how knows me has an idea that these things are really heavy. So after disconnecting all the cables I had to get it from the car in my apartment in Stuttgart, the distance was about 5 meters to the house entrance and another 5 to the apartment, but since this stuff is to heavy for a person I asked some teenagers hanging around if they have 2 minutes to give me a helping hand.The first answer "Is this a kidnapping?" what the fu** ??? The next one was "Why don’t you move the car nearer to the apartment ( so I could carry it my self was the message that was missing) So I should have to walk about 2.5m less … WOW ! great why didn’t I think of that, think I am real stupid today … But let’s not be so negative since there are also some helpful Germans, thanks to my colleague that came over to help me.Yes, I had to call somebody to come over and give me a hand !And a short message to the guy scared about the kidnapping … Why on earth should I kidnap you ? ever looked in a mirror ? Or was this just some pervert fantasy of yours ?